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Mata Ganga (Wife of Guru Arjan Dev Ji 5th Guru of Sikhism

Mata Ganga (d. 1621), consort of (1563 – 1606), Guru Arjan Dev Ji  Nanak V, was the daughter of Bhai Krishan Chand of the village of Mau, 10 km west of Phillaur in the Punjab. The nuptial ceremonies took place at her village on 1June 1589.

Mata Ganga though she always feel blessed to be wife of Guru Arjun Dev Ji but  still some times feel very sad  when she things that even after a long time of marriage , she has not any child. This instinct gets more stronger when she overheard Guru’ brother Prithi Chand saying “Ganga hasn’t had any children and she can’t have children. Someday when Guru Arjun will die, he won’t have any choice except our son to  appoint the next Guru and  Ganga wont be able to do anything  then.” Hearing this made Ganga Ji sad because she wasn’t sure if she could have a child, even though she always really wanted one.    

One day  she and Guru while sitting together in their little  free time they get in the evening  asked Guru. I have  something very important to talk to you . “My beloved husband I have heard that holy man has the power to do anything they wish. Can you bless me to have a child so that our lineage can continue after we leave the world”? I want to make sure there is stability in the house of Nanak.” Guru Ji looked at his wife and kindly explained, “I am not a holy man just a servant of God but even I f I am  “If I bless you to have a child, I’m blessing myself to have a child. This can not be, I am not here to bless myself, I am here to bless others. I am nothing.”    

Mata Ganga Ji asked again, “My dear wise husband, surely there is a way, you know of something I can do.” He said, “You need to ask the blessing of a holy man. Why don’t you request this blessing from Baba Buddha?” She took her husband’s suggestion as an order. She immediately called all her servants, “Get ready and told Guru Arjan Dev Ji that we are going to travel to the village where Baba Buddha lives.”

A caravan was prepared. She made sure her servants prepared the finest food, so she could give it to Baba Buddha as an offering. She put on her most beautiful dress. She rode in a carriage with  a whole group of her royal servants and attendants came on horses. They were in a most impressive procession! The grand procession made its way to the village outside of Amritsar, where Baba Buddha use to live . When she got there, she asked a villager, “Where is Baba Buddha lives, I have come to give him an offering.” The villager said, “He said he knows it  and refused to meet you,  talk to you and also  asked me to tell you to go away right now ”

This made Mata Ganga even more sad than she was before. She went back and asked the Guru, “What should I do now?” Guru Arjan told her, “You are visiting a saint for special, personal blessing. Don’t come as a queen. Don’t come as royalty. Just go humbly as yourself.” Mata Ganga knew what she had done wrong. She realized that she didn’t need to make a big scene like that. She got up early, the next morning. She kneaded some dough with her own hands while humming prayers, prepared misi roti and  lasi  – a home made meal with love and care. She brought some raw onions. Then she left bare-foot and told no one,where she was going. She carried the food on her head for more than 12 miles until she got to the village where Baba Buddha lived.

When she arrived Baba Buddha Ji was standing outside the village joyously waiting for her. When she got to him, he said, “I have been waiting for you! I’m hungry!” He crushed onion and eating it with misi roti and lassi. While baba Buddha was eating, she sat on a floor and watching and talking  in general, about Guru Arjan Dev Ji as well as a wish to have a child also.

 After finishing his food, Baba Buddha blessed her and said, “Your son will become a large, strong, brave handsome man. .” Then Baba Buddha put an onion on a plate and he smashed it with his fist. He said, “Your son will crush the bad and cruel  people in the same way that I crushed this onion.” After 9 months Mata Ganga Ji did have a son, and he was named Hargobind. .

As soon as the child Hargobind could walk, He was put in charge of the special teachers who taught Him writing, swordsmanship, wrestling, and boxing, and the Guru Himself would supervise this instruction. Bhai Buddha and Bhai Gurdas were confused by this, they didn’t understand why there was such a need for martial arts. “What is this strange education You’re giving Your son? You were not given such an education by your father and your grandfather.” Bhai Buddha asked the Guru. “It is not a strange education, “ the Guru explained. “He’s being taught the Gurbani and everything He needs to know. And we’re living in troubled times, and things are going to become very difficult for my Sikhs. So it is important that every Sikh knows how to defend himself and how to defend others. This we can only do if we are strong and learn all the skills that a soldier learns.” The Guru knew that the education that He was giving His young son, Hargobind is the need of the time and would become the model for all Sikh children, and from this point in time, all Sikh boys and girls learned how to defend themselves and how to defend others. Guru Hargobind Sahib made Akal takhat just in front of Golden temple which was higher than the takht of Aurangzeb.

While going for Shheedi, He asked him,’ Now the time has come to wear two  swords. One sword for Piri which has no value for these Zalim Badshah and one for Miri to have takhat and have political power also as the time needs.

                      Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fteh


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